How to get health insurance without a social security number

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January 28, 2016 by Tony Novak

Q: I have a small business in Texas. I do not have a social security number but have ITIN instead. Can you please give me a list of insurance companies that can accept me?

A: Any of the companies listed at will offer coverage. Use the “Get a quote” feature for specifics on products and pricing for minimal essential coverage available where you live as well as supplemental insurance. When the application asks for a social security number, simply use the ITIN instead.

It is more complicated if you expect to qualify for a tax credit to reduce the insurance premium. You won’t qualify for federal assistance with a tax credit for the insurance premium , of course, unless you are a legal resident who files a tax return. If you do expect to qualify for a premium credit and do not have a social security number, then see this page for information about alternate documentation if you plan to apply directly on the federal insurance exchange.

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