The best and worst of Freedom Benefits

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October 1, 2015 by Tony Novak

What’s the best thing about Freedom Benefits? When you call our 800-609-0683 number a live knowledgeable and caring person picks up an tries to help no matter where you live, what your situation or health insurance problem.

What’s the worst thing about Freedom Benefits? We can only handle a limited number of calls and there are many parts of the health care system that we have no influence over. Some items in this list of excluded areas are  billing issues, claim issues, state mandates, Medicare and Medicaid and, yes, that little thing called Obamacare.

Also, we only provide service in English at this time. (We can refer a Spanish-speaking associate; the easiest way is to send an email to asking for support in Spanish).

We are pleased to have personally helped tens of thousands of persons since our Freedom Benefits business expanded nationally to serve all health care consumers in 1997. Our strength remains health care planning; helping individuals and small firms financially navigate this very complicated topic through our (still) free service.

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