Find a new PHCS/Multiplan network physician

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June 19, 2015 by Tony Novak

I received two questions this week from members of PHCS/Multiplan network supplemental health insurance plans about finding new primary care physicians. Usually the questions come from individuals covered by Core Health Insurance that is one of the nation’s largest insurance plans in this category.

The quote and enrollment link for all of these insurance plans is here.

Once enrolled, look at the back of your insurance ID card to see specifically what network of providers your plan uses. PHCS/Multiplan uses two slightly different networks of preferred providers. Look here to see a complete explanation and to find network providers in your area. Besides searching by location, the provider search tool offers options to search by specialty, gender, languages spoken, and hospital affiliation.

Remember that all of the supplemental insurance plans listed on the web pages at cover treatment by any provider – in or out of the network – but benefits can often be greater or your out-of-pocket cost liability lower when using an in-network provider. Primary insurance plans may have their own separate provider network. In most cases there is much overlap between network providers.

PHCS/Multiplan has almost 900,000 healthcare providers under contracts used by an estimated 68 million consumers accessing these network products. The company claims to reduce consumer costs on 40 million claims through its network services each year.

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