Supplemental insurance for CHAMPVA

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March 4, 2015 by Tony Novak

I sense that consumers often do not see the difference between how commercial supplemental medical insurance works in contrast to Medicare supplement. This question I answered today draws the distinction:

Q: I’m considering retiring beginning in January 2016. I currently have CHAMPVA health insurance, in addition to my work coverage. I’m wondering what you have to offer for a supplement to CHAMPVA, until I qualify for Medicare (I’ll be 64 if I retire in January 2016).

A: Since supplemental insurance works separately and the benefit schedule is completely independent from CHAMPVA, any supplemental insurance that is available in the area where you live is suitable. You may combine plans to improve overall coverage as you have done in the past. (This is different than Medicare Supplement insurance, that specifically works with expenses not covered by Medicare). You can go to most any doctors office or hospital. To see what supplemental insurance is available, go to and select “Get a quote”. After entering your basic information, there will be a tab called “Supplemental Plans” with the details of what is available where you live.

I can understand why consumers can easily be confused by the concept of integrated supplemental coverage and non-integrated supplemental coverage.

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