3 hot topics in individual health insurance this week

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February 22, 2015 by Tony Novak

I normally cover news affecting individual health insurance news on a state-by-state basis for Freedom Benefits. This week I made a decision to not submit briefs on several important news items. Specifically, I decided not to report on three issues where numbers of individuals affected were a key part of the story and the numbers were still uncertain or are still changing.

  1. The number of people enrolled in health insurance through the exchanges for 2015 – the enrollment deadline was extended in most states, so presumably some people are still buying new coverage. We won’t have a final tally this month.
  2. The number who received errant Form 1095-A tax documents from their insurance exchange. Both the federal and some state governments were involved. The news reports 1 out of 5 must wait for corrected documents. I presume that more than a million tax filers are affected nationwide. Some need to delay filing their taxes. Others who already filed will need to file an amended tax return.
  3. Individuals who received errant W2 forms from employers because the employer included the cost of health coverage in an effort to avoid fines. It seems that if the employer does not offer to make the corrections, employees will be able to invoke the help of the Department of Labor to resolve the problem. Employers, in turn, may then have a claim for damages against their accountants or tax advisers who may have invented the scheme.

I’m certain that these items will remain in the news.

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