Freedom Benefits draws record traffic in first half of February 2015

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February 16, 2015 by Tony Novak

FB web traffic

Freedom Benefits health insurance news website had record level traffic for the first two weeks of February 2015. About 7,000 unique visitors used the site in the period February 1-15. This was slightly ahead of the pace of the same period in March 2015, the previous record traffic month. The growth in web traffic is probably attributable to people searching for information related to the story about hacking of Anthem Blue Cross customer data and the end of the 2015  open enrollment season for the online Health Insurance Marketplace. Open enrollment closed on February 15.

For the rest of this year – until enrollment opens again for 2016 – Freedom Benefits supports people who qualify for a special enrollment exception (relatively few), those looking for a solution outside of Obamacare (often immigrants and travelers) as well as those individuals and small businesses looking for solutions to supplement the coverage offered by Obamacare. Deductible supplements, accident insurance and Qualified Health Plan Supplemental Coverage have been the fastest growing sector for Freedom Benefits.

Availability of coverage options varies by location. More information on the specific options based on zip code is available online. Freedom Benefits also provides support and services through My Freedom Benefits for individuals and Freedom Benefit Solutions for small businesses in addition to the health insurance consumer support through

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