Telephone enrollment for Core Health Insurance

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January 13, 2015 by Tony Novak

I’ve been consistently very pleased with my own experiences of personal support and customer feedback with the enrollment support for Core Health Insurance provided by SASid.

Yesterday I received a call forwarded to my cell phone this past hour from a gentleman in Alabama asking to enroll in Core Health Insurance right away. Apparently he wanted to to a telephone enrollment rather than the usual online enrollment at

I was unable to forward the call from my cell phone but I referred him to the telephone enrollment support Members insurance Exchange office staff at (800) 609-0683 extension 1. Later that afternoon I saw the enrollment confirmation. Great job SASid!

Core Health Insurance has been the #1 mini-med plan at Freedom Benefits for years. It fits a gap left by Obamacare either as a supplemental coverage or a stand-aone for those who do not qualify for other options. The only regret I have is that apparently some aggressive telephone sales agents – people completely disassociated with Freedom Benefits – have misrepresented the coverage and sometime I unfairly get blamed.

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