Insurance marketplace and consumer data concerns

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September 24, 2014 by Tony Novak

I’ve received this type of message in several different forms and decided to publish it here. The bottom line is that I don’t think it is possible to remove yourself from the health insurance marketplace system once you pre-register and so consumers should be aware of this before they log onto any online insurance marketplace.

Consumer groups have complained that the exchanges require you to pre-register and confirm personal information before being allowed to view insurance pricing and details. This is different from private insurance industry practices prior to implementation of the Affordable Care Act that offered anonymous quoting.

The underlying concern is that now health insurance is required by law and so registering for a quote without ultimately enrolling in some type of coverage might somehow be construed as evidence of an illegal act. We have no evidence to validate that concern but acknowledge that it is possible, particularly with those exchanges and insurance companies linked to the federal system at

Q: “Thank you for letting me view the packages. However I am not interested at this time. Can you remove me from your customer list.”

A: “Your message reached OnlineNavigator support provided by Freedom Benefits. We do not generate the quotes, keep customer lists or send outgoing messages except in response to a direct consume inquiry like this. I simply answer consumer questions about health care reform.

The best information I have is that insurance marketplace exchanges do not delete registration information about individuals who pre-register for a quote. I have no information about the use of that data and how insurance marketplace operating policies interact with other laws meant to protect consumer privacy and limit email marketing.

I copied this message to the plan administrator that maintains this email message system.

Tony Novak
Freedom Benefits”

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