If you like your Obamacare…

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September 6, 2014 by Tony Novak

The politicizing of health care reform news reigns strong as the L.A. Times, a strong supporter of Obamacare, reported about a month ago that most of the people who get the free or subsidized coverage are happy with it. Today the Wall Street Journal, a critic of Obamacare wrote “…If you like your ObamaCare plan–though what are the odds of that?…”. I suspect as with most polarized news the truth is somewhere between. Yet a universal principal of health care satisfaction is that the higher your claims, the less likely you are to be satisfied with your health plan. The same principle holds true for other types of insurance. This has nothing to do with Obamacare but rather the underlying adversarial nature of commercial insurance interests vs consumer interests.

The Wall Street Journal is suggesting that even among those who like their Obamacare plan and want to keep it, the renewal price increases, in some cases, will practically force a change to a less expensive plan anyway.

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