Health Insurance coverage options in California

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June 19, 2014 by Tony Novak

A web site visitor asked “What coverage does Members Insurance Exchange offer in California?”

The answer depends on whether you have a triggering event for eligibility for the major medical types of coverage and also, to a lesser extent, where you live within the state. However, no triggering event is required for the other plans offered and these are available to everyone regardless of other coverage.

In addition to the major medical policies (Obamacare) like Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente that require a triggering event, Members Insurance Exchange also includes additional options available state-wide to all Californians that may help in special circumstances:

Short term major medical insurance

Core health insurance (a mini-med insurance)

Deductible insurance

Qualified health plan supplement insurance

Dental insurance

Telemedicine plan (not an insurance plan)

See for more information. Use the “Online quote” link to get specifics on pricing and availability.

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