Health insurance for young adults


May 24, 2014 by Tony Novak

Ehealth puts out some great consumer education promotional material but this week’s press release on health insurance for young adults was short-sighted and overly self-serving.

My observations of health insurance issues for young adults:

First, young people under 26 are almost always better off under a parents’ policy if that option is available. That’s not always the case, but its true often enough that it is the general rule.

Second, most people who don’t have health insurance will qualify for one of the exemptions from the penalty. want to avoid paying a penalty for not having insurance can do so. While I haven’t looked at many young adult penalty situations there is no reason to think it would be different.


One thought on “Health insurance for young adults

  1. HHS puts it more succinctly in their #getcovered campaign: “No longer covered by your parents’ plan? You can get covered at when you turn 26! Qualifying life events, such as aging off a parent’s plan, allow you to apply with a special enrollment period.”

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