Health Insurance Navigator programs are misunderstood

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August 27, 2013 by Tony Novak

The phone calls and emails I’ve received lately indicate that many are on the wrong path in pursuing work as a health insurance navigator. If I felt the freedom to speak candidly with those seeking advice I might suggest:
You might be a good candidate for a public health insurance navigator program if:
1) you have a relationship with one of the navigator grant recipients in your area
2) you have work experience with a target group (disabled individuals, immigrant or ethnic groups, women’s groups, etc) that are the focus of the specific navigator contractor where you may apply for a position
3) you have work experience in some type of social service
4) you are comfortable with the pay scales offered in social service positions

You might be a good candidate for a commercial exchange navigator if:
1) you have experience in the health insurance field
2) you have experience in online marketing or affinity group marketing
3) you can work on you own and can afford to pay the training/appointment costs
4) you are not hung up on retaining agent of record contacts

You might not be a good candidate for a navigator position if you simply need a job and thought this might be an “easy money government job” (as one caller described it).

Instead of offering this blunt opinion, I simply say that I have no inside line toward the navigator programs and simply run some of the supporting Web sites and moderate the LinkedIn discussion group for health insurance navigators.

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